What’s the most appealing part about blogging aside from the actual writing? The community! As a member of a unique community on board the Africa Mercy, I think it’s awesome to find community across the oceans revolving around something I enjoy doing.

The appeal is in meeting other bloggers and sharing with them, learning from them, and walking the journey together. If I wanted to write without interacting with others, I’d have a journal, not a blog. Although, I’ve got stacks of those too. The community exchange that takes place is what reminds me that individuals have more influence than it sometimes feels like.

I got the chance to write for Danielle Kurek’s blog Finding Joy. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our blogs have a similar focus even though we experience it differently in our respective seasons of life.

This post is something I’d write about here on Provocative Joy, but I was inspired to actually write this after perusing through the topics on Danielle’s site. So here it is! Just click through to her site to read the full post. Enjoy!

The Tearoom: Searching for Purpose Beyond Your Career




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