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Provocative Joy Ivanna Overseas Volunteering with Mercy Ships in Cotonou, Benin West Africa This is how to drop it all and just do it

Overseas Volunteering: 3 Tempting Reasons to Try It!

overseas volunteering I arrived on this ship full of energy to pour into the lives of others and I was so psyched to live abroad on a ship for a full year (although it turned into 3 years). It wasn’t a huge sacrifice for me; it was something I couldn’t wait to try. I heard so many people say, “I could never do that. I’d never be able to live far from family with no steady source of income.” I...

How A Smaller Wardrobe Made Me More Grateful

This kid waded in and out of the ocean wearing underwear that may have started off as respectable briefs but had been worn through to G-string status. Actually, most of them wore only underwear in place of a swim suit. Why is this one kid even bothering to cover himself when there are plenty of kids swimming naked? At the HOPE (Hospital Out-Patient Extension) Center church service last weekend, I sat behind a little boy wearing athletic shorts with rows...