Do one thing every day that scares you; Eleanor Roosevelt quote; Provocative JoyHow many times have I heard people quote that quip, especially in regards to the new year? It’s cliche, and it’s easy to let my mind gloss over when I hear it.

Honestly, I don’t prefer to think too hard on it, because I know the answer is that I rarely do anything that scares me. If I did, here are the things I would have done in the last month:

  • I would visit that bar where my new friend loves to go, the one where everyone is chill and there’s a strong sense of community. I would go on a whim, and I’d be ok with going alone. Maybe she’d be there, but either way, I’d meet new people, even if it was just the person next to me. At the very least, I’d get out of the house and have a delicious drink.
  • I would go to the beach volleyball meetup even though I’m inexperienced and shy with sports. I know I’d feel uncomfortable at first, and awesome when I left.
  • I would have asked that really friendly British lady in the rum aisle if we could meet up, because that’s what I really felt an urge to do, but I thought it might be a little too “out there”.

People ask how I’m doing with the move to Florida, and overall, I’m grateful for my blessings while also being honest with the difficulties. It certainly has immense challenges, and sometimes I’m ashamed of the situations I avoid out of fear.

The thing about avoiding new, vulnerable situations is that if you don’t go, there’s no shame, no blame, it’s not a big deal! There’s usually a valid excuse to justify your choice and no one will even know! For me though, I know that going is braver, and that missed opportunities eat away at me.

There is plenty of room for grace in this new life season. I want to treat myself with the same love, acceptance and support I’d give a friend. If a friend was beating herself up for not living up to her own hopes for herself, I wouldn’t let her be too hard on herself. She can’t be superwoman in every moment. I wouldn’t want her to feel like shit for not being perfectly outgoing and up for anything. I owe myself the same grace and understanding.

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