Reminiscing on the past

This virtual corner of property has come so far! Do you remember when I first started? Back in 2014 this place was called This Dust Never Settles and it was primarily a way for me to work through my thoughts in writing and keep my family and supporters updated on my journey with Mercy Ships. I suspected this blog would exist longer than my volunteering abroad. That’s why I didn’t name it “Ivanna’s Journey With Mercy Ships”. That held true because here I am in 2017, still blogging!

At some point in my first year volunteering on a hospital ship in Africa a friend asked me what my dream job would be if I wasn’t a nurse. My response? “A professional blogger!”

I knew there were people out there that got to write on a personal website and somehow got paid for it. The reality of how that worked was a mystery, but at least I knew it was possible! I’ve always dreamed of writing as a career and slowly the idea worked it’s way into my brain. I continued to write and stumbled across different websites and blogs over time. Eventually, a few prompted me to think… “if they can do it, I can definitely do it.”

Last January, I paid over $100 for a platform to host my own website. This would allow me to own all the content and customize the appearance to represent who I am (and so that I didn’t cringe while looking at my own blog). I changed my name to Provocative Joy (although I miss the old name a lot) and started devoting hours upon hours to writing, designing, promoting, and brainstorming for Provocative Joy.

It’s our one year anniversary!

I’ve wanted to conduct a reader survey for months! I hesitated because I thought it would be weird to conduct a survey if I didn’t have a lot of readers. I wasn’t sure it would be worth the effort.

As I move forward into a new year, I’m giving in. Regardless of how many readers I have, I need to learn a few things about who YOU are so I can find the sweet spot where what you need help with and what I have to offer meet. There’s a lot of ideas constantly rumbling around in my head and I don’t know which ones to roll out.

This survey is simply my attempt to get to know you a little better. Whether you read everything I’ve ever written, or you only clicked on that one article where I mentioned sex in the title, I’d love it if you took this survey!

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