What if your wildest dreams are possible?

What if the ladder out of that rut is in reach?

What if you let ALL your light shine, not just some?

You’ll find this place encouraging if you need a real-talk, genuine perspective on how you can change the world. I’ll be honest with you about my struggles and my wins when it comes to making a difference in my every day life.

You won’t find a larger-than-life “cool girl” here who has done it all while managing to keep her composure. I’m an introvert and I’m afraid of new things, but I try them anyway.

If you love to hear the truth about a life of faith lived out, the search for real community, and doing things a little differently, you’re gonna love it here.

What can you expect while you’re here? Lots of stories on my setbacks and successes, my favorite people and organizations who are out there making a difference in the smallest of ways, and new ideas and action steps to head in the right direction yourself!

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  • Marriage
you can also check out our work on the big white ship that offers free surgery to those who need it!