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I want to help you find meaning and joy in the midst of a sticky life.

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My name is Ivanna.
I am a nurse, wife, leader, and closet-creative.
I’ve learned that my only job on Earth is to be myself and I can point eyes towards Jesus by doing that.


Once I started experiencing this kind of freedom, I couldn’t contain my joy! It felt so good.

I hope you can find a spark of inspiration here to help you live so freely and radiantly that people wonder about you.Provocative Joy First time Start here

Provocative Joy is for those who are tired of feeling bored, uninspired, and stuck. 

Ordinary people belong here, because they are the ones who do extraordinary things. This is a place for people who want to make a difference in the world just by being themselves. Both the ones living at home trying to live with intention and those living abroad trying to not take adventures for granted.

I write based on my own experiences and the lessons I learn while serving as a nurse abroad. I love learning about conscious, ethical, and considerate lifestyles.

All thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints are my own and not endorsed or approved by my organization (Mercy Ships). I write about my attempts to live intentionally, about the tools I use to get there, about marriage and about what traveling teaches me.Provocative Joy Marianne Williamson

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