Can I have some permission to lighten the mood and stop writing about Mercy Ships for a minute? Maybe you felt a very light mood, but if you could get in tune with the way my brain works, you would see how easy it is for me to feel anxiety throughout the Mercy Ships prep process.

Prior to getting accepted to Mercy Ships, I was doing a whole lot of waiting. One of my friends categorized my feelings as “anxiety”. I disagreed then, because I felt like that wasn’t quite what I was feeling. I disagree even more now that I am experiencing true “Ivanna-anxiety.”

When there is nothing to do but wait, I handle it very well. It’s STD’s that give me true anxiety. You know: “Stuff To Do!” Give me tasks that I have to order based on level of importance/urgency, and I will work myself up into a frenzy and then hide under the covers in broad daylight because I’m so stressed and anxious.

So I hope you weren’t expecting me to write about Mercy Ships every time. Good god, my brain would explode! I love writing, but I am too much of a perfectionist at times.

Those are the times when I love reading instead.

Expect book reviews here. You’ve now been warned.

What do you usually get anxious about? How does your anxiety manifest itself.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ivanna… I can totally relate. Waiting is easy. Anxiety comes when I have a lot I am supposed to do. Prioritizing and time management, which are always a challenge, become close to impossible with anxiety… and perfectionism definitely makes it worse. Thankfully Wes and I have different strengths, so talking things through with him and working together really helps.

    Looking forward to your book reviews. 🙂

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