I’ve done so much self-reflection in the past month and I tried to resist, I swear. At home it’s easy to ignore what’s going on inside you more frequently. When you feel restless, lonely, anxious, angry or hurt there are easy ways for us to focus on something else or vent our feelings. Here in this ship community, I can’t escape my feelings. At times it’s inevitable. I just have to sit and actually deal with those feelings.

Part of that has been realizing simply how blessed I am and how grateful I should be when I feel angry or frustrated at small things.
Part of that has been challenging myself and seeing myself succeed. I have two favorite experiences unique to Capetown, one of which exemplifies my own inner strength I didn’t even know I had.

I climbed Table Mountain. After climbing dozens of stone steps up to the steep, mountain face, three friends of mine (one of which we met on the hike, a man from Germany who left his corporate job to travel the world for 10 months) found a winding trail that brought us deep into the crevices of the mountain.

Climbing a mountain over 1000 meters tall reminds me so much of my Christian walk. Being tired; running out of supplies(aka water), finding a stranger willing to venture with us and share his water with us when all 3 of us girls were all out, needing the guidance of the person ahead of me to help me find the hand/foot holds in the rock to hoist myself up, finding unexpected pockets of shade to relieve us from the hot sun, just when we needed it most, feeling too tired to go on but we knew we couldn’t give up, onwards was the only option.

In this picture I was actually too tired to smile, and we had at least another hour ahead of us. I would put a picture of me at the very top, but we were too tired at the top to take any pictures.

We made it and we became acquainted with that mountain in ways that you can’t know until you are face to face, gripping a ledge above you that you can’t see, with your feet wedged into the only foothold you can find, and a long way down behind you.

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  1. I agree with Ivan. Many analogies that will feed you for awhile when life pulls more punches. God moments of grace that will satisfy your soul when nothing else has the capacity to do so. Thankfulness is good food, isn't it?

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