Welcome to the Love Blog Challenge 2018! This is a monthly blog link-up (it feels more like a blog party to me) through the entire month of February. Brita Long is the host and if you haven’t checked out her Christian feminist blog, you’re missing out. I’d guess that most of you reading here would like Brita’s blog (BelleBrita.com). I’ll introduce her and your cohosts below.

I’ve cohosted the Love Blog Challenge for four days but there are prompts every week day so click around and explore what everyone else has to say! Brita has a more thorough introductory post here.

What does silence sound like? When was the last time you sat still on a porch, or a couch, or the floor and just waited? Why is this so hard for so many of us?

For me, bad habits are born out of my inability to sit in silence. That’s when I scroll and double tap instead. Online window shopping turns into actual purchases. And wasting time sounds so much better than small steps towards my dreams and goals.

I don’t have a problem with guilty pleasures and not being perfectly productive once in a while. In fact, some of my guilty pleasures are great ways to enjoy silence and solitude. I get bothered when I notice how strongly I resist solitude when I know I really need it.

Solitude as an Introvert

I had one of my every-other-week FaceTime chats with one of my longest-lasting friends yesterday (I’ve gotta practice what I preach regarding cross-country moves!) and we got into a brief discussion about what it means to be an introvert. After stating that I am an introvert myself, she disagreed with me based on her perception of me over many years. I’d guess that if she lived with me, she’s see clearly how often I want to stay home and she’d get it.

As a self-proclaimed intense introvert, it seems solitude would be easy for me. There are ton of variables to consider that change that assumption.

  1. If I’m alone, but I’m craving social engagement or connection with others, solitude drains me.
  2. If I’m alone, but I’m feeling anxious or depressed, solitude is usually coupled with some of the bad habits I mentioned above.
  3. If I have a whole day to myself, but I’m intentionally avoiding things that will actually center me, such as meditation, worship or journaling.

It turns out the RIGHT kind of solitude isn’t always easy for me. What’s the right kind of solitude?

The Right Kind of Solitude

The right kind of solitude is when I’m taking care of myself. It’s a choice to do something that’s important to me. That’s why forced, accidental, or unintentional solitude can feel yucky for me. When I want to be doing something with people, but I can’t, or when I find myself alone and choose to blow that time in draining ways, I am failing myself. That’s the difference between loneliness and solitude for me: loneliness is a reaction to a situation I find myself in but solitude is a luxury I indulge in and use to care for myself.

Ways I Love Practicing Solitude

  • Getting up early to listen to the world wake up. This is one of my favorite things. This happens more often after a string of night shifts because I naturally wake up in the middle of the night. Everything feels fresh and new. I love staying up late at night but, on a bad day, a late night can remind you of how you didn’t measure up. An early morning always has opportunity laid out before you.
  • Taking a walk or a bike ride. This is also a great way to experience a new city. It’s hard to really see a neighborhood without getting in a car crash. Maybe that’s just me. The slower pace of walking and biking allows for contemplating, soaking in your surroundings, and getting out energy.
  • Free-writing. As someone who can easily become overwhelmed and anxious, free-writing, where I word-vomit all my raw, unfiltered thoughts, can really help.
  • Drawing layouts for my bullet journal. Some layouts take time, like the monthly habit trackers. It feels satisfying to take an hour out to express my creativity AND productivity at the same time.

What do you find to be the difference between solitude and loneliness? Do you enjoy solitude or fight it kicking and screaming?

Meet Your 2018 Love Blog Challenge Hosts

Ivanna is a registered nurse who loves expressing her creative side. She enjoys thrifting, learning about sustainable living, and anything purple. She writes on Provocative Joy about living unconventionally, and loves to inspire people to realize their potential to be world-changers.



Brita Long is the pink and sparkly personality behind the Christian feminist lifestyle blog, Belle Brita. While her first love will always be Paris, she lives happily with her husband Daniel Fleck in the Atlanta area.



Sara blogs at Mrs. Imperfect about letting go of perfect and embracing your quirks and messes. She writes about marriage, self love, and mental health. She is a writer, book lover, traveler and crafter, with an interest in the arts, history, and psychology.

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