At some point in the past month I had this very ambitious idea to try to organize all the things I wanted to pray for. I hear so often about how instrumental this spiritual discipline is, how it changes the way we look at everything around us, including our deepest concerns. I would sit to pray and feel overwhelmed with all these thoughts and situations. How do you prioritize what to pray for, as if anything can be pushed to the bottom??
I found my glue sticks and colored pencils that I knew would come in handy, and bought some card stock from the ship shop. I found a paper cutter stuck in a corner of the ship library and went to town. 
I made a pocket for each day of the week. Each weekday has a theme. Whenever I receive a prayer request or something strikes my spiritual fancy to pray for, I write up a slip and slide it in the corresponding folder. 
I guess I prefer tactile and visual cues rather than tapping away on my iPhone. I have a fantastic prayer-prompter app that categorizes prayer requests with even more efficiency. But I never use it. 
This is also proof that the Africa Mercy without patients and a running hospital leaves you with lots of spare time. Thank God the hospital will be open in a matter of days, not weeks!

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