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Why I Gave Up Coffee for Lent; how it made me thirsty for God; Provocative Joy

Why I Gave Up Coffee For Lent

Growing Up Christian I’ve been a Christian since I was a preteen. I’ve gone to Catholic school, Christian school and an all women’s school (oh wait… that’s different). I’ve been to retreats and revivals and conferences. I’ve led bible studies with Christians. I’ve looked into the eyes of someone who realizes suddenly that she needs Jesus in her life. I’ve been on missions trips to other countries, and service projects just down the block from my childhood home. I know...

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5 Tools for Lent: A Bittersweet Season

Ruben asked the same thing last year, “Isn’t Lent a Catholic thing?” It’s hard to welcome foreign ideas when you don’t understand them. I can’t say I understand all the historical background behind Lent and who started it and which religions observe it. What I do know is that it prepares us for the death and resurrection of Christ, who happens to be who I call God. I see Lent standing out as something special and sacred among the dust...

To Lent or Not To Lent (Observing For the First time)

What in heaven’s name is Lent? How does something that slipped past you for years unnoticed prop itself right in front of you, blocking your vision, demanding that you dig deeper in order to understand a day that never required any second glances before? Why was I so excited to go to the ship’s Lent service at 0730 this morning when I can’t recall ever anticipating it before? It’s a question that I will have to figure out before this...