Enjoy Christmas While Flat Broke; Christmas on a budget and first Christmas home; DIY cheap gifts

I’m Trying to Enjoy Christmas (While Flat Broke)

Pull out the maletas. draft a packing list… we’ll be home for Christmas! The Figueroa’s will enjoy Christmas¬†at home! A bold prayer I’ve been trying to claim for the past 12 months is finally being realized. I’ve missed two Christmases with my sisters and family and I wanted to be home this time and enjoy […] Read more…

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5 Tools for Lent: A Bittersweet Season

Ruben asked the same thing last year, “Isn’t Lent a Catholic thing?” It’s hard to welcome foreign ideas when you don’t understand them. I can’t say I understand all the historical background behind Lent and who started it and which religions observe it. What I do know is that it prepares us for the death […] Read more…