Round Up Post including depression while travelling and global health

What Caught My Attention in April

I look at the calendar every day and wonder how it can really be mid-May, because it doesn’t feel like it! Here in Madagascar, the seasons are changing and we are approaching winter. It’s gotten cooler and the past few days have let down buckets of rain and lots of cloud cover. Cyclone season just […] Read more…

How to teach inner beauty

A Letter to Angeline: Inner Beauty

Angeline, I noticed you from the start. I chose you as a favorite because Evangeline is my favorite name in the whole world, and Angeline sounds just as musical as it escapes my mouth. You probably don’t know of the Evangeline that inspired me. She was an angel of a girl in a book; a […] Read more…

Links that inform, inspire, excite me to action

What Caught My Attention in March

I’m diving deep into this world of blogging and I come across so many influential geniuses along the way. My search for my own writer’s identity has me on myriads of websites and down dozens of rabbit trails. There are always a few that speak my soul language and make me want to shout, “YES, […] Read more…