Why I Gave Up Coffee for Lent; how it made me thirsty for God; Provocative Joy

Why I Gave Up Coffee For Lent

Growing Up Christian I’ve been a Christian since I was a preteen. I’ve gone to Catholic school, Christian school and an all women’s school (oh wait… that’s different). I’ve been to retreats and revivals and conferences. I’ve led bible studies with Christians. I’ve looked into the eyes of someone who realizes suddenly that she needs Jesus in her life. I’ve been on missions trips to other countries, and service projects just down the block from my childhood home. I know...

I want to encourage myself and others who are struggling with depression while working abroad. You are not alone.

Depression While Travelling: How Much Have I Missed?

Depression can’t see how amazing my life is I didn’t want to do anything except sit on my couch with the lights dim, the bed covers thrown around, and piles of clothes everywhere. Well, the bed covers and mountains of clothes isn’t that¬†abnormal, but the apathy was. I’ve lost count of how many invitations from friends I’ve denied over the weeks and months. That’s not who I want to be. The problem is it actually IS me. I’m actually depressed....

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My Morning Habit For the New Year

Dear problem, I’m going to conquer you. This visit to the (free!) ship thrift store connected me to a pendulum clock shaped like an owl that ticks just like the big, fancy clock in the house I grew up in. This one is less fancy, more fun and cost nothing! I was so excited to find it. It looked brand new and would make my cabin feel a little bit more like a home. I quickly discovered it would be...