When you decide to make some life-changes and pack up for Africa, style gets packed away at the back of the suitcase. It doesn’t make the top of the list. If you do a google search for travel fashion, you will find a lot of blogs about touring across Europe, but none about nursing in Madagascar. I’ve done countless searches and there just aren’t style blogs dedicated to missionary fashion.

Putting Me Together is a blog I frequently visit. I recognized the writer early on as a familiar face from Urbana ’09. She was one of the worship leaders and here was this fantastic blog on style and coordinating casual, everyday clothing. It turns out she is a staff worker at a campus in San Diego.

I love the fact that she is leading future Christian leaders on a college campus, but she knows the importance of looking well put together. Elizabeth at Downtown Demure knows it too. There is something powerful that happens when we dress ourselves with honor and respect.

I feel better about myself when I like how I look. It matters less whether others like how I look, although I can’t say I’m immune to others’ opinions. Yet.

I love the way my black pencil skirt covered in tiny daisies makes me feel sophisticated. IMG_3783

I love the way my striped tank makes me feel breezy and relaxed.

I love the way my purple jeans represents my fierce commitment to the color purple.

I love the way putting on my favorite clothes after work helps me fight off the drowsy, lifeless feeling that can paralyze me and steal my desire to do anything with the rest of my day.

Some folks really don’t care what clothes end up on their backs any given day. That’s ok. But for those of us that feel put together when we look put together, I’m giving you permission to reach into the shadows of your closet. Pull out that skirt you are saving for a special occasion.

Today is a great day to feel wonderful, to be alive, and to celebrate who you are. Today is a beautiful, wonderful, special occasion.

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