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This is how I want to feel all the time!

Formerly, This Dust Never Settles

“How did I get here?” and “How did you get here?” would both be good questions to ask right now.

If you are adventurous and spontaneous, good for you!

The rest of us are just hoping for more adventure one day. Most of us wish we weren’t stuck in a routine or that we could live the life we imagine, but that life is always around the corner.

Many of us have lives that someone, in some corner of the world, would be green with envy to live. So then why are so many of us depressed and wishing we were somewhere or someone else?”
Many of us have lives that someone, in some corner of the world, would be green with envy to live. Click To Tweet
That’s why you’re here at Provocative Joy. That’s why I’m typing to you.

I’ve wanted so much out of life, for so long, but I forgot how to find what I was looking for. I got sucked into routines and typical pathways towards typical success.

When I first started college, I was always looking for new experiences. I was hesitant, yet drawn towards things I had always wanted to do, even if I had never stepped out to try. It didn’t matter that I might not be good at it, or that it wasn’t in line with my prescribed pathway to success. I tried things that I saw as once in a lifetime opportunities because I was in college and I was told that was the time for it.

It was my freshman year of college when I auditioned for a play, even though I was a nursing major, and got in! Spent the next 4 semesters touring NYS with an original ‘screenplay’ and getting to act for the first time since elementary school. It was my sophomore year when I learned to travel alone while heading to Spain by myself for four months. There were other examples, but as time went on, they became fewer and farther between.

I was inspired to start this blog because I had toyed with the idea for so long that it became something I knew I had to do. I wanted to start and commit. I didn’t. I had a couple half-hearted attempts that a handful of people are aware of. The blogs stopped when the “interesting venture” that inspired the blog came to an end. Once the experience that made my life interesting ended, so did the writing.

I’ve since learned that my every day is more than interesting. This is partly because there are blessings literally everywhere around me, and partly because I’m choosing to look for them.

I’ve also learned that God created me to be my fullest self, and I feel most like myself when I’m writing.

I’m here with something to offer, something that may inspire you. We all lead fascinating lives full of potential. It’s a fight to remember, but I’m here to provoke you to the point of joy in spite of and because of the life you already lead.


4 comments on “Starting New Things, Like Blogs”

  1. I am moved by your desire to explore life and to have the courage to take the road less traveled. Good for you I am certain that you have memories and experiences that will last a life time.

    • Thanks Lisa. It’s encouraging that we don’t have to take huge steps all the time… baby steps will do!

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