Many of you have asked me what got me interested in hair coverings. In case you’ve not noticed, I’ve been wearing scarves to cover my hair about once a week for the last 3 months. I’m truly not sure what people think when they see me coming with a hot pink/teal head, but I’ll share my side of the story.


The obsession started back in May of this year when an old friend from Intervarsity posted this article to Facebook titled, “So Many Reasons To Wrap”. At first glance, I was struck with the variety of reasons women had for covering their hair. Everything from hair loss to feminism, modesty to positive self-image.

In Orthodox Judaism, married women are required to cover their hair. It’s an intimate privacy shared only with her husband. This describes Andrea, the woman that started the Wrapunzel blog. This woman had a personal blog with a section devoted to the mechanics of how she got her beautiful head wraps. This section eventually grew so extensive, with such high readership and interest, that she created a blog dedicated to head wraps!

Wrapunzel is now a very useful resource and online community for women of all faiths and backgrounds who cover their hair for all kinds of reasons. They have tutorials, Facebook communities and even a really nice online retail store selling anything you’d need to cover your hair. Take a look at some of these beautiful wraps to see where my obsession started.

So what about me? Why do I wrap?
  • It’s beautiful.

It’s classic beauty, not trendy beauty. Women have been wearing hats, bonnets and scarves to cover their heads for centuries. Different coverings come and go with the times, but hair coverings in general have been constant. The same way you like your hair blow-dried with highlights and lowlights, I like mine covered up in bright colors.


  • It’s different.

It reminds me that I’m different than everyone else. We have a lot in common as humans, but each of us has something special and unique that only we can offer to the world. I may not be the only woman in the world that wears head wraps, let alone the only woman on the ship, but when I wrap my hair I’m setting myself apart and reminding myself that I am different, in some way, than the masses.


  • It’s a challenge.

Tying a piece of fabric around your head is pretty easy, but getting it to look just the way you want is challenging. There are dozens of styles and each one looks different when worn with different fabric or different bun placement. You can wear multiple scarves or just one. It’s so fun to play and practice with it.


  • It demands respect.

I have no case study to prove my theory, but I know that when I see other women with covered heads, it indicates something to me about their character or their beliefs. It depends on the person, but she must be dedicated to wear a scarf everyday against the norm. She values modesty. I haven’t seen a woman in a head scarf who is showing cleavage or booty cheeks yet… When I am out in public, my head scarf may serve as a reminder for others to treat me with respect and honor.


  • It’s feminine.

Thick, long, shiny locks are the crowning glory of many women. For me though, some days my thick locks are not a glorious thing to behold. I am proud of my hair, and I love showing it off when it’s behaving, but some days I prefer a scarf. One day I may cover my hair every day, who knows? For now, it’s whenever I feel like it.


  • It embodies freedom.

For me, my scarf represents freedom to be who God made me to be. He created me differently than anyone else on the planet. He gifted me with talents and sensitivities that others lack. He made me creatively and to be creative. Wearing a head scarf gives me an outlet to be creative and colorful. It also reminds me that I am free to exercise my God-given talents and that I should never be ashamed of them. I don’t have to live in fear about the mold I’m supposed to fit or what people think of me because God is proud of who I am and how I turned out as a human. I’m only aiming to please him.

So when you see me wearing one and are wondering why… it’s because I’m a free, classy, creative, dignified woman.12360314_10156271123810548_4092970512911541522_n

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